Wedding Photography

Some other questions answered that may be important to you

Do you have Insurance?

Yes, I have full insurance to cover all my equipment. Public liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance and I always bring back up cameras and equipment with me. If your venue requires proof then I would be happy to email them a copy for their records.

What if you haven’t photographed at our venue before?

As a reportage wedding photographer my first objective is to record your wedding naturally as it happens, however as a professional wedding photographer I get asked to go all over the UK. I often photograph at venues where I haven’t been before. If this is the case with your venue, I will usually research the venue beforehand. If possible I will visit the venue before the vent. However at the very least I will ensure I arrive early so as to feel comfortable with the surroundings and locate the best backdrops and interesting spaces to take your first formal pictures together and family groups.

Will you use photos from our event or wedding for promotional purposes?

I sometimes use photos from the events I cover to help promote my business. Be it on the website itself, but also sometimes on social media. Don’t worry your photos will not be plastered on the front pages of Hello magazine or anything like that (well not unless you want them to be). I am very discreet. If I post somewhere and you don't want the photos to be used, the post will be removed.

Do we need to provide you with a meal on the day?

If I am at your wedding for 6 hours or more, then yes please. It is always lovely to be offered this, as it can be a very long day. We wedding photographers are usually the only people working for a long stretch of time and, just like a car, we need fuel and water. I’m relaxed about whether I sit with the guests or not, but just as a note, if I eat elsewhere then I cannot guarantee to be on hand to capture anything impromptu during the meal. When you are eating it is the only time I would not want to shoot and is therefore the best time for me to eat to avoid losing shooting time.

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