Wedding Photography

Some questions answered about the photos

Do you retouch your own photos?

With regards to editing, each photo I provide will be retouched by myself. You will always get the photos in my style. I will never provide a photo I am not happy with, I am quite harsh with my own personal quality control so expect only the best.

How many photos will I receive?

In a full wedding day shoot, I will be shooting throughout the day I cannot guarantee you a specific number of photographs you will receive but you will find that at the end of the day, you have more than enough photos of your special day. My main focus is always on quality rather than the quantity when delivering your photographs. However to give you an indication will get anything between 500-800 photos. Obviously if the shooting day is shorter then less photos will be taken and edited.

Do I get the original files?

All photos I provide will be high resolution jpegs, with enough resolution for large prints. Unfortunately I don’t provide raw files. All photos will be watermark free. In addition to receiving all the photos in colour, I may also include some photos in black and white. I find that sometimes a monochrome photo is more effective than a traditional photo. The copyright of photos taken by me, will reside with me, however you will have full licence to use the images as you wish. The only restriction is that you are not able to use the images commercially. As the photographer, I hold the copyright to the images and you have the license to use the images as you please in a private capacity. This means they may be shared with friends and family. In short, you cannot sell on the images to any other company. This is the standard in the industry.

Are we able to print our own images?

Yes, all the photographs provided will be of high resolution, more than enough for printing. The copyright of photos taken by me, will reside with me. However all the photos provided will be on licence for you to use in a private capacity and you are free to print.

How will I get the photos?

Photos will provided digitally via a secure weblink with a password. They can be safely downloaded from there. I can also provide the photos via a disk or a USB key. If you are looking for albums, they also can be provided, and we can certainly discuss this further. The provided gallery will allow you to download the photos.

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