Portrait Photography

By far the BEST photographer we’ve ever had! He truly cares about the quality of his work and wants his clients to have the best experience, and we did! I would HIGHLY recommend him and will use him again and again when we are in town.

- Laleh and Jhon

Ilyas has a remarkable eye for photography: his images have just the right amount of sharpness and seem imbued with a soft light. Perhaps more importantly, he's got a manner with people that puts them at ease, allowing photos that actually capture their personality and seem natural rather than contrived. As a chronically unphotogenic person, I tend to freeze in front of the camera, making thing infinitely worse. When it came to taking a headshot of me, Ilyas suggested a location that was a perfect reflection of my profession, and was patient and fun to work with. He managed to take several photos that hit the tone I was looking for. I would highly recommend.

- Mina M

I am often asked what do I mean by "People Photography". It's simple really. I try to capture an uncomplicated moment in time of a person. It can be something as simple capturing the smile at a birthday; or the intimate look of a couple on an engagement shoot.    

I try to do this by make my sessions as relaxed as possible. I firmly believe that if the session  is too rigid and you are too posed, the photos will reflect this.  The magic tends to happen when you are relaxed and comfortable. It is down to me to take the stress out of the situation and make the session seem as natural as it possibly can be, so that we may capture the moments that you are really happy with.  

Every session is different, therefore I like to think that each photo shoot is bespoke to you. The location, the look, the situation. I often get the "I hate having my photo taken" feel from the photographed, but pleased don't panic, I am the same. It's my job to put you at ease. For example in a couple shoot, I may simply ask you to walk towards me and talk to each other, and we go from there. The camera is your friend and it's down to me to make it your best friend during our time together. 

I cover both corporate and personal shoots.  If you are interested, then please get in touch via the contact page.

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